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  1. Star Citizen / Squadron 42
  2. UK1 Securities - Star Citizen Organisation
  3. What we know about combat so far.
  4. An Org idea - Elson Optimization Services (EOS)
  5. Arena Commander
  6. What set up will you be using?
  7. Persistent Universe, long term Star Citizen stuff
  8. Arena Commander Delayed
  9. Arena Commander available now!
  10. Tips and Tricks
  11. So would you
  12. What would you like to individually do in game?
  13. Shall I? Freelancer MAX vs. Constellation Taurus for $10
  14. Crew Stations
  15. Play Star Citizen for Free!
  16. I will play this...
  17. Star Citizen Persistent Universe / Planetside Demo
  18. Thoughts on this deal?
  19. Click here backers!
  20. What is the best budget Joystick?
  21. Star Citizen awesome new ship concepts
  22. State of The Fleet
  23. FPS demo
  24. We need some Youtube videos
  25. Thoughts on Mustang Omega deal?
  26. Anyone wnat to split the cost of a redeemer?
  27. 315p now flyable
  28. Anniversary sale this weekend
  29. Health of a Spaceman
  30. What does your hangar look like?
  31. Funny item
  32. So, recruitment...
  33. Anvil Aerospace Hornet flyable by all
  34. What part are you looking forward to the most? Star citizen
  35. Star Citizen for 13
  36. Joined the party
  37. Help for a noob
  38. I changed my nick name
  39. whixh is better space sim Elite or star citizen
  40. hmmm, should I trade in my Aurora LN for a Cutlass Black?
  41. Upcoming Sale - Jan 26th
  42. Constellation Taurus
  43. So, to avoid the 20% increase for VAT
  44. Euro vs USD
  45. Operation Pitchfork
  46. Mining
  47. Test fly a Cutlass
  48. Interview with Chris Roberts on Polygon
  49. FPS Module
  50. New missile idea I had
  51. Public Test Universe
  52. New ship damage system - unbelievably awesome vid
  53. Start saving up for a new hard drive!
  54. All ships now available to test fly in Arena Commander
  55. Retaliator
  56. Talking about immersion
  57. Go and test drive the Cutlass Black
  58. Connie model on ebay
  59. Star Citizen
  60. Aegis Dynamics Vanguard - Long range heavy fighter
  61. Anyone wanna fly in my Super Hornet?
  62. Star Marine - Star Citizen FPS
  63. This is the Big One (and medium ones, and a couple of small ones!)
  64. MISC Reliant, new small ship $60 on LTI
  65. CitizenCon
  66. Test Drive all Flyable Ships!
  67. New ship: Genesis Starliner
  68. For the skeptics - "interview with SC dev"
  69. Star Citizen Saitek hardware (custom HOTAS) announced
  70. Gamescom 2015 flash sale!
  71. Multicrew
  72. SC free to play this weekend
  73. Social module!
  74. Star Marine
  75. MISC Endeavour - For Science!
  76. 3rd anniversary livestream
  77. SC Alpha 2.0 (mini-PU)
  78. SC Alpha 2.0 snapshot by LevelCap
  79. SC alpha v2.1 is live - Flyable Vanguard!
  80. Star Citizen is good news for the UK!
  81. Star Citizen free fly! Come try it for free
  82. UK1 Star Citizen roll-call
  83. How much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. Discount Package for Backers
  85. Star Citizen exclusive event 4th March in Manchester! Meet the developers!
  86. Star Citizen Alpha 2.2 live
  87. MISC Starfarer
  88. MISC Prospector - solo mining vessel
  89. SC Alpha 3.0 gamescom demo
  90. Damn, my machine needs an upgrade!! Procedural Planets V2 Demo
  91. So im finally redownloading the game anyone able to show me around next week?
  92. I'm back! With some cargo...