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  • Why join a Clan?

    I've been playing computer games since I was about 6 years old - I remember going to the laundrette with my parents, and staring in awe at the Space Invaders machine in the corner.

    I'd beg my parents to let me have a go, but at the same price as washing a couple of loads of clothes, they just couldn't afford it. Then one day my father let me have a go, and there I stood, fully stretched hanging off the joystick in one hand and hitting the buttons on the other with no idea what I was doing for all of 60 seconds before I'd lost all 3 lives, but from that day on I was hooked.

    I've played on every major platform since then and first played online in the late 90s when I bought Half-Life and tried out this thing called Counter-Strike (if I remember rightly) which blew my mind, but as I had a crap connection it was pretty impossible to stay alive for very long and I had to concede defeat.

    The next game I really got into was Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and I really enjoyed the online aspect, but it was difficult to get the objective done as it was difficult to work as a team with complete strangers - sometimes I'd get lucky and be with with some guys that wanted to work as a team, but most of the time it was one for one and one for one.

    It was the same with a game I really liked from the first time I played it, and the first free game I really enjoyed, which was America's Army. This time there was more teamwork, but it was still hit and miss at times.

    Skip ahead a few years, and I decided to buy Medal of Honor, which I thoroughly enjoyed and also enjoyed the online aspect, although again I was frustrated by the lack of real teamwork. I then received an offer from Origin for Battlefield Bad Company 2, and I went for it really with the single player in mind, but started to play a little online and found a server I kept going back to called UK1.

    I received a few bollockings for breaking the rules of the server, but once I'd got used to it I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the fun everyone seemed to be having, but I couldn't understand why I was being absolutely murdered all the time by these UK1 guys, so I decided to follow the link to their forum and check it out. I registered for a trial, got onto Teamspeak and figured out why I was getting such a pasting, and what I had been missing for many years in teamwork and smack talk to be enjoyed with friends - it reminded me of my days playing basketball and the fun of being part of a team and community.

    So why join a clan? It's fun, social and really brings a new level of enjoyment to the game you're all playing. There are lots of different types of clans out there, some very hardcore gamers looking to dominate everyone and entering leagues and competitions, some of them pro events. Then there are clans like UK1, who's focus is on teamwork and fun, and being a "mature" clan understand the Real Life issues faced and to be dealt with which have to take priority over getting online. And then there are Clans/Communities that are a loose group of friends who don't run their own servers, but go online together for competition and fun.

    The main thing is that it brings a whole new dimension to the gaming experience, especially when you use a facility like Teamspeak so you can work as a team, make fun of each other and generally have a good time.

    Still not sure, sign up for a UK1 trial and give it a go:
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    1. blazing_maniac's Avatar
      blazing_maniac -
      Really nice write up Dig, ahhh the days of space invaders in the local community center
    1. spikexxx's Avatar
      spikexxx -
      nice post digenie
    1. Duke Silas's Avatar
      Duke Silas -
      Great post Dig. I enjoyed reading it.
    1. salamanderpete's Avatar
      salamanderpete -
      Good stuff there dig'. Mirrors my own experience closely, though I mostly went down the Unreal Tournament and Quake route into online gaming. I was initially quite sceptical about the merits of joining a clan, but 18 months on I wouldn't want to be anywhere else :)
    1. maximus0905's Avatar
      maximus0905 -
      really good post digenie, spot on with every word mate
    1. fat_gezzar's Avatar
      fat_gezzar -
      Nice mate i like it
    1. mondler's Avatar
      mondler -
      very nice post Digenie
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