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  • Commander usage and tips

    I have put together the commands used for this mode and what they are used for, including some tips I use to outwit the other commander.

    Evac Order
    - This is given by the commander to his troops to evacuate a certain are because of immediate danger from strong enemy activity or and incoming missile strike, it will appear on your screen in big red letters the same as being out of bounds warning you to get out of the area.

    EMP UAV - This is used by the commander to disrupt the other commander from seeing what is going on in this area for a short time, it is also used to disrupt incoming cruise missiles and the gunship.

    UAV - This is used to give friendly troops a view of all enemy activity in a certain area for a short period of time.

    Gunship - This is used as an extra spawn point where a team can parachute from and also to rain down fire below with the 40mm or the chain gun. You spawn on this as you would a normal vehicle when it pops up in the vehicle spawn list, this equipment is site specific which means you have to hold a certain spawn point to keep it active, if lost you lose the gunship.

    Cruise Missile - This is used to wipe out a large concentration of enemy or destroy buildings. This is also site specific, so keeping the spawn point that it is located to is vital.

    Infantry Scan - This give you a sweep of all enemy infantry movement over the entire map, good to see if enemy are flanking.

    Armoured Scan - Same as the Inf scan

    Proxy Attack - This scan disrupts the other commanders ability to do anything for around 15 seconds which might give you enough time to action something without the other commander intervening.

    Vehicle drop - Drops a quad bike to a point on the map designated by the commander to aid in infantry movement.

    supply drop - Drops supplies to an area designated by the commander to resup inf troops on the ground.

    Promote squad - This is the rank insignia symbol with the up arrow over it, it promotes the squad you right click over and select, apart from promoting the squad and giving you points I don't know what else its supposed to do.

    Rapid deploy - This is the lightening symbol which when selected to a squad can reduce their re-spawn timer.

    Movement order - This is the diamond symbol which you click on the leader of a team and then right click and select this in the area you want them to move to.


    1. The cruise missile and the gunships are site specific so you have to hold that certain spawn point to keep these assets in play. Locate which sites they belong to by looking at the top left corner and you should have a symbol ( like a C surrounded by a diamond shape ) then the item, like the cruise. This indicates that the cruise is controlled by the Charlie objective.

    2. Always use the inf scan and the vehicle scan when it becomes available to check all the map, these load up slowly but you always have your UAV for close in scans.

    3. Use your EMP wisely as this is more important that you know, it can stop a commander from seeing what is going on in a certain area for an amount of time but also disrupts a cruise missile from hitting its target.

    4. When you have another commander on-line against you and you have a cruise missile at your disposal, hold back on deployment of your EMP UAV and your Proxy attack.
    When he launches a cruise missile at a target you get a red missile showing on the corner of you screen and a red line indicating where it will hit. You have 2 choices to make depending on what you have available and what he has available.
    This is when holding back on your EMP UAV and your Proxy attack comes in.
    You can either hit Proxy attack straight away which destroys the missile immediately in flight or hold back and wait until the missile is half way to target and hit the impact area with your EMP UAV, which destroys the missile in flight as soon as it gets into that area.
    Be aware that when an experienced commander is on he will without doubt wait until his missile is around half way to target and hit you with a proxy attack which disables you for 15 secs, which is enough time for his cruise to hit, but what goes around comes around and you can do the same.

    Think carefully when deploying your EMP and your proxy at all time, holding back on these can be vital.
    Be aware that your proxy attack is very slow to re-arm, so keep an eye on when he uses his in conjuction with you using your cruise.

    That is all for now, any more tips I will add later, cheers
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Commander usage and tips started by messtin View original post
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