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  • UK1 v UK1 fun war

    Who fancies a bit of UK1 on UK1 action?

    Everyone is invited.

    Come and get involved in an evening of team-based fun matches - just sign up below.

    We'd also like volunteers to film the action in spectator mode if you don't fancy playing or are on the subs bench.

    16 players split into 4 teams playing squad death match is 4v4v4v4

    We'll play 5 rounds - after each round, the wining team get 4 points, 3 points for runners up, 2 points for bronze and 1 point for 4th place. The team with the most points wins.

    However, the emphasis is on fun so we'll be playing a mixture of pistols only, knife and C4 only, RPG and knife only and normal no-holds barred infantry combat.

    We'll randomize but balance the teams to make sure every team has a fighting chance.

    Our server - we'll lock it for the night so don't worry about your W/L ratio or KDR, SPM, KPM (or STDs for that matter)

    A Tuesday or Thursday clan night soon - the more people sign up the sooner we'll host it. We could also host this on a Saturday evening and combine the occasion with a beer night

    I'll pop a poll up shortly with date options.

    Other Stuff
    Post below with comments about maps you'd like, restricted weapon variants (EOD bots only etc), or anything else you can think of that'll make the evening go with a bang.

    Final details will be added to this post so check here regularly if you're up for the challenge.

    Player List

    1. StormyBA
    2. DavidM
    3. fat_gezzar
    4. Jimbo192
    5. Coldhand 187
    6. markwillgofaster

    Film Crew - Do you want to help film the event?

    Map List

    Comments 4 Comments
    1. Stev_elson's Avatar
      Stev_elson -
      Stev Elson - DEFIBS AND KNIVES ONLY! Some of the most fun I've ever had in BF4 :')
    1. ZephyrsNL's Avatar
      ZephyrsNL -
      We have to this or something like this again!!
    1. DavidM's Avatar
      DavidM -
      Yep, it's been a long time since we had a big clan night.

      Not sure how many are still playing BF4?
    1. ZephyrsNL's Avatar
      ZephyrsNL -
      Me and Colin playing it alot.. It's a part of life (lol)
      Saint and Razor play it sometimes
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