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Donate To Support Using PayPal
If you're a UK1 member donations are not compulsary, but every little helps and by donating you're putting something towards the cost of providing services. Chipping in a couple of quid each here and there demonstrates your support equally as donating £20 per month. Your donation is appreciated, no matter how small and your help is recognised.

Things you should know before donating:

  • All donated cash belongs to the UK1 Clan and is solely to be used for the payment of services agreed to be required by the clan.
  • If a clan decision is required as to whether the clan purchases a service (such as a game server) all clan members who have donated within the last 6 months will be permitted to vote with one equal vote per member. Public donations are excluded from this, but you do have our gratitude!
  • No refunds. Ever. Do not donate if you can't afford it.
  • Donating does not provide you with any benefits and therefore donations are accepted with 'no-strings-attached'.
  • All donors will be annouced in the UK1 Members area, stating when the donation was made and the value within a reasonable period of time (probably updated weekly).
  • PayPal take a percentage per transaction. Asuming the total of all transactions is less than £1,500 per month , the fee per transaction will be 3.4% plus £0.20.

Now all of the small print is out of the way, donate by entering the amount below and hit submit:

Donate     GBP

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