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What we're looking for from a trial application (PC only)
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    What we're looking for from a trial application (PC only)

    What we’re looking for

    We know who you are and you take part: Hopefully you'll have come to our attention because you joined our squads and played as part of a team and you’ve posted on the forums in a mature way. We won’t accept you for a trial if your behaviour on the forums or game server suggests a bad attitude or immaturity.

    You are mature: If measured in age we’d say 20+, but we accept that players younger than this would make a good UK1 member. If you’re younger than 20 and you want to apply for a trial, make sure that the point about us knowing who you are is especially true. Equally, players older than 20 can be immature but this is the reason we hold a trial! ;)

    Where you live: Our players are on mostly evenings, so members living around the GMT time zone would be preferable. Of course it doesn’t matter if you’re not, but we won’t make allowances on your trial for living in a different time zone. We use Teamspeak, and all triallists are expected to use it, therefore you need to be able to speak and understand English to a reasonable level.

    What we’re not looking for

    Cheaters: We will not tolerate cheaters. We do what we can to stop cheaters on our servers, including streaming with PB and taking client screen shots of those connected to our server. We also endeavour to implement any possible anti-cheat tools or methods available.

    L33t speak: English is the language of the forums – use it.

    What does a trial consist of?

    A trial is our way of deciding if you will fit as well as your opportunity to see if you like us. It lasts a month and at the end of which there will be a vote by existing members to decide whether you become a UK1 member or not. The decision is final.

    Passing a trial isn’t difficult, you just need to continue doing what you did pre-trial: contributing to the forums and taking part in good team play on the game servers. In addition you need to use Teamspeak and prove you have what we’re looking for.

    How to apply for a trial

    Create a post in this topic using the application form below. One of three things will happen:

    • Your application is accepted and you’ll be given access to private relevant areas of the forums where there will be more details on how to access Teamspeak etc.
    • Your application isn’t accepted, but we don’t have reason not to accept a future application. All you need to resolve this is follow the advice above about taking part and letting us know who you are.
    • Your application is refused outright. This will only happen if you’ve annoyed us enough on the forums or game servers, or there is any evidence of cheating with your account.

    If we deny your application, it is entirely at our discretion and the decision is final. Don’t take it personally – we can only judge on what we observe and our main concern is that you will fit in.

    Please start your application here:
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