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    Oh right thats a shame. The new spectator mode is ideal for scrims and people were looking forward to watching! When you say 'twitchy' is there anything that can make you feel more relaxed about it? What if:

    - Only spectate in third person with free cam
    - No watching enemy players directly
    - Can request MP3 file of all audio communication throughout the match to ensure no info was being sent
    - Only one spectator per team (then streamed on Twitch which you can have a copy of later if requested)

    Would that help convince people? If you have a spectator too we have to trust you just as much! We are heavily against cheating in our clan with several members belonging to PBBans staff, to then resort to other lame ways of cheating would go completely against our ethos.

    Realistically Im not even sure how much advantage it could give anyway with so much going on! Its just a friendly scrim for fun with no prizes or leaderboards, so if we cheated to win theyd be no satisfaction in it! If its really an issue though dont worry.

    Ben :)
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    IMHO We've been scrim friends for some time now and I'm sure we can have a little trust here. As said - what have you (or we for that matter) got to gain by cheating????

    I doubt I'll be able to make it to play unfortunately but Essex Rifles would be the last clan we've played before I'd be concerned with cheating with!

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    UK1 members B_Psychosis's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
    Im more than happy with spectator mode. As joe said, we have been skrim friends for years now. I think its only really questionable when playing an unkown clan.

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    UK1 members salamanderpete's Avatar
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    Cheshire, UK
    Hi Ben,

    It turns out that it was the new guys who hadn't played scrims with you before that were a bit nervous about the spectators thing. The old gits who remember the good old BC2 days reassured them, and so we're cool with spectators now :)

    We have 11 players so far, so I'm sure by next week we'll have assembled a full team.

    You got your map chosen yet?

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    Ok great :) Much appreciated and yeah we have known each other for quite some time now! I havent actually announced it on our forum yet as I wanted to confirm everything first, but will get it posted up and let you know our map asap...

    Are you happy with the following rules and settings? Would you prefer Infantry Only or Vehicles? Just wondering on Obliteration mode if the helis will dominate by transporting the bomb and be kinda boring for everyone else? Also if it finished as a 2-2 draw would you want to play a decider map - like a quick 100 tickets TDM?

    Date: Thursday May 08th
    Start Time: 20:00 UK Time (try be in-game 10 minutes before) | Countdown
    Size: 12 vs 12
    Host: Essex Rifles
    Server Link:
    Password: scr1mm4ge
    Mode: Obliteration
    Rounds: 2 Rounds per Map
    Time: 20 Minutes Max per Round
    Other: Short Break at Half Time

    ER Choose: Siege of Shanghai
    UK1 Choose: Flood Zone

    Softcore Mode
    3D Spotting On
    Killcam Off
    Friendly Fire Off
    Global Unlocks
    No Baserape
    All Kits and Weapons Allowed
    PBBans Streaming
    Spectators Allowed
    No Communication Between Spectators and Players
    No Vehicle Stealing From Base
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    UK1 members StormyBA's Avatar
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    Could look at the total number of bases destroyed as the decider?
    "On the way Over, Over!" - Stormy Waters

    "There's no 'rage quit' in 'team'!" - DaveM

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    Yeh ok that sounds reasonable - I'll just have to remember to take note! Do the rest of the rules sound ok? And is it going to be infantry only or vehicles? Cheers :)

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    Ok we have 12 signed up and our map will be Siege of Shanghai :)

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    UK1 members markwillgofaster's Avatar
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    York, UK
    Looking forward to this!

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    What's with all this extra space at the bottom? What am I supposed to do with it?? XD

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    UK1 members salamanderpete's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Cheshire, UK
    Rules look good. We're happy playing with vehicles if you are!

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