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PTFO Platoon challenging UK1 for a battle
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    PTFO Platoon challenging UK1 for a battle

    Allready made this thread in a wrong subsection and it didnt show up? Dont know sure what happened there

    We PTFO would like to challange you guys for some BF4 games. We mostly play Obliteration but are also up for other game types. Guess we can discuss that.

    Think game size would be 16vs 16 then.

    Can be this one, next one, or the weekend after that... As long as we point down a date so both sides can get enough guys up. We have 100+ Members so we should be able to pull this off.

    Our platoon page:

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    UK1 members
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    Jun 2013
    Hi joeycrack-nl, thanks for the challenge. Hope you had fun on our server.

    We had a few matches last night with you guys and I think it's fair to say you kicked our arses in every single one, although we were not really in super competitive mode.

    Now, we're up for fight and don't have a problem playing matches against tough opponents to test our steel, but I'm concerned that this would be Dad's Army v the SAS.

    I'll put it to the guys and see how much of the Bulldog spirit we can muster!

    See you guys soon - our server is most popular on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so pleas add us to your favourites.

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    I thought the games went down pretty balanced last time on rush.

    Well thx for looking into it and hope to hear soon from you guys.

    Laters joeycrack

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    Any news on how its going with ''collecting'' players? We could change it to a 12vs12 if that works better.

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    UK1 members
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    Jun 2013
    Hi joeycrack, I've posted your challenge and we're signing up players.

    We're very much a casual clan and we haven't had any scrims for a few months so bear with us a bit and we'll let you have some dates.

    In the meantime, what might be fun would be to do an informal scrim - we play regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you can join our server with a few squad mates, we'll normally have at least 16 playing so we could have a little pre-scrim scrim and see how that goes.
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    Hello guys i like to apologise for how last game got to a dead end.

    Would you guys still like to play a friendly game against us?

    We have more then 10-15guys all jumping to play a vs game, which missed out on other games. Perhaps multiple games, these days we stand open for all gametypes.

    Ive bookmarked this page so ill check back on regular basis.

    Thx joey

    U guys still play on regular days? Then perhaps we can join into one of those and see what comes out of it.
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    UK1 members StormyBA's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Hassocks, East Sussex
    Hay dude!

    The clan got a bit quite over Xmas but the hardline beta seems too have woken the sleeping beast a bit!! We do still have our server, which we play on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You got the link for it?

    I reckon we could do a decent job at getting 16 if it was a Thursday night, that tends to be our most busy day? Also doing some fun rounds could be good?? C4 only or RPG only etc
    "On the way Over, Over!" - Stormy Waters

    "There's no 'rage quit' in 'team'!" - DaveM

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    Hello guys,

    Ill guess then next week on either tuesday or thursday we can hope in and see if you guys are playing.

    It would best for us atleast, if we pin down a certain day. Doesnt matter if its 1 week, or 3 weeks ahead.

    Also fun related games like RPG only or c4 sounds fun. Think we are up to everything since allot of our guys will be simply happy if they can play against others.

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    UK1 members
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    Jun 2013
    Hi Joeycrack-NL good to hear back from you, would be great if some of your lads could come and join our server for some informal scrimming.

    I'd like to set up a match too, but we're in need of some team training, so if we can keep it informal for now I think it's help us get our game face on.

    As Stormy says, Tuesday and Thursdays are the nights we fill up our server so we'll really look forward to some PTFOing rounds with your guys.

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    Ok i will post on our platoon page to round up the guys for next week Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th.

    Any idea when the best time would be, like when do you guys ussualy start and end playing?

    See you on the battlefields.

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