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BF4 Server Status & Rules
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    BF4 Server Status & Rules

    General Server Rules
    1. Racial, gender, sexual orientation or any extremely abusive views are not allowed (permanent ban)
    2. Smack talk will not be tolerated (warning/kick/ban)
    3. Hacking/cheating will result in a ban (GUID permanent ban)
    4. No locking of squads (warning/move player(s) to open squad)
    5. No vehicles until a minimum of 6v6 players (auto warning/kill)
    6. No spawn camping (warning/kick/ban)
    7. No attacking enemies UCB's (uncapable bases)(warning/kick/ban)

    Spawn Camping
    Sitting inside or out of an uncappable spawn area (or attackers spawn in rush) with the sole intention of killing players as they spawn into the game, therefore taking away any fighting chance the player may have. When a player spawning in one of the above areas does not make way to move from the area and starts firing from the spawn area, that instantly makes them fair target to be fired upon.

    UCB’s (Deployment areas)
    Try to provide the other team a fair chance to defend themselves while in their UCB. This means eliminating the use of enemy vehicles and allowing aircraft a fair chance to repair, take off and engage.

    1. Attacking and/or entering the enemies UCB is not allowed at all. That includes, but is not limited to, vehicles, on foot, mortars, etc.
    2. UCB airspace is open when two aircraft are engaged in battle (dog-fighting); however, aircraft should not be allowed to 'camp' the enemy UCB.
    3. While you can kill from the UCB on foot or with vehicles, you must make every attempt to leave the area and move forward to the objective. The UCB is not meant to be a safe-haven.
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