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WOWS 1st Birthday achievements
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    WOWS 1st Birthday achievements

    So the birthday achievements are pretty much worked out now:

    Achievement Requirement Possible Alternative Reward
    King of the Party Get the other 9 event achievements Possibly bugged and shows up earlier for some players for unknown reasons 5000 Free XP
    Life and Soul of the Party Get an in-battle compliment (compliments awarded from the post-battle screen don't count) - 25x Juliet Charle flags
    Festive Soup Get 10 ship torpedo hits over any number of battles Get 10 torpedo hits from any class, carriers included 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags
    Fire Show Score 100 main battery hits over any number of battles - 25x India X-ray flags
    Run! Admiral! Run! Playing as a carrier, score 4 torpedo hits over any number of battles Works on 5 hits for some. Bombs also seem to count. 25x Victor Lima flags
    Queue Jumper Enter your first battle post-0.5.11 update - 10x Type 5 camouflage
    Rise of the Machines In Co-Op battles, sink 5 bots over any number of battles - 25x Zulu flags
    Big Roll Earn 1 million credits over any number of battles - 1 million credits
    A Shot in the Dark Shoot down 15 airplanes over any number of battles Hit an unspotted enemy 25x November Echo Setteseven flags
    Manners Maketh Man Complete 10 consecutive battles without inflicting any team damage - 25x Zulu Hotel flags

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    Very nice!

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