Both Gigabyte OC version , fantastic cards need to tweaking and run BF1 at 60+ fps without a struggle on Medium / High settings

They are on ebay for the min at 180 for the pair with £15 P&P

UK1 members of course get mates rates ! so £160 and a tenner for P&P will net you these wonderful GPU's

Also have avaliable

MSI Gaming 970 Mobo - £50
Hyper X Fury Ram - 24gb of it £40
AMD 6300 FX CPU (no cooler unfourtunaltey) - £45
Corsair V550 PSU (4 pin atx) - £40

All above can be had for £130 pound , if you want the gpus as well (just need to buy a case and HDD) , it can all be yours for £300

Pictures can be provided @ request !